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Friday, March 12, 2010


The past few months have come and gone like a whirl wind. I am SO not going back and writing all the stories you've missed....but here are a few highlights from Joshua's first 3 months:)

Joshua's First Bath

First Thanksgiving

First Chrismas

The Nursery is Finished!

First Date....hee hee hee....

Our Little Colts FAN!


Reading His First Book
Monkeying Around...

Just Being Cute

Cuddling with Ma Ma :)

Meeting Uncle Thomas and Cousin Conrad for the First Time

First Time in His Excersaucer

Rock'n Out

First Bowl of Rice Cereal

Friday, December 18, 2009


Joshua Charles Mola came into the world on November 20th 2009.

He was 10 lbs. 6 oz. and 21.5 inches long!

(No wonder why mommy had such a BIG tummy!!!)

It was a very long road.....24 hours of labor and some minor complications ending in a C-Section.........
But WELL worth it in the end!!!!!

Daddy's First Picture with Joshua

Mommy's First Picture with Joshua

First Family Photo

After a 4 day stay at the hospital....we set out for our new adventure as PARENTS!!!!
Here is a couple of Joshua's comming home pictures.


I have been getting messages from many of you that it is time to update the blog!

I know, I know.....

We are just now getting to a fairly decent schedule around here....and as soon as I can figure out how to download pics onto this computer...I'll start updating again!

So stay tuned!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Ah....I thought it would be neat to share my transformation with you all!
We made sure we took pictures of my ever growing body from the moment we found out up to 9 months.
Here we go......enjoy the show!!!!

Every body is different...and for me; I began to show right away. My little pouch was not from the actual baby, but my body making a layer of protective fat!



4 Months with my sisters!


Note the change in my face....Yep; this was the point in the pregnancy were I stopped eating "healthy" and started.....EATING....whatever I wanted! Hee hee hee....


6 MONTHS....The basketball begins!

7 MONTHS - Also my Birthday Month :) and also still EATING....

My 7 Month Basketball!

Ok....Month is where I get yelled at by the doctor because I've put too much weight on. She walks into the room and goes "Good Lord! What have you been eating?"

If she could only see this picture....she'd know.....

8 Months...Fat and Happy!

Now, after getting yelled at by the doctor and seeing these pictures....I decided to lay off the fast food and go back to a more healthy diet. Just 2 weeks later and I looked better.


I got my sister Kristy to play photo shoot with me. They say you should get your professional pregnancy pictures done around 7 months. That way; your showing, but your not huge all over. I said hooey to that! I wanted mine when I was 9 months! I wanted to be able to look back and remember it all when I was the biggest!

WARNING: Here come the belly shots!

And there we have it! My 9 months of transformation! I LOVED being pregnant and will do it all again if that's God's plan for us!
As for now....Little Joshua is still tucked away inside; he should be meeting the world in about a week or so!
We Can't Wait!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So....I lost my camera cord for the past month! are some things you missed!

AUGUST 12th : CHRISTIE IS 30!!!!!

I decided it would be great fun to get our friends together and go to Medieval Times dinner and tournament! I LOVED every minute of it!

First they gave us crowns in the color of the knight we were to cheer for (the black and white knight)....then we got our photo with the King! In the picture it's John and Jessica, Brian and I, Brandon and Missy and Chip and Katy and of course....the King!
We actually had awesome seats! You couldn't have asked for anything more! We were perfectly centered and in the second row!

The food was absolutely astounding! We had Tomato bisque soup...aka dragon tail soup, This giant chicken, potatos, and ribs....and yummy desert....this apple turnover thing....Mmmmm....

Sorry...No action pictures. All the ones I took of the knights fighting and riding their horses didn't turn out. The only cool picture I got was this one of the princess....she's sad her prince is riding off in the snow.

After the show we took turns taking photo's by some of the neat decor they had set up.

It was a fabulous time! 30 will definitely be memorable for me!


Then next thing Brian and I did was go to GenCon.

GenCon is a Huge Board Game Convention in Indy. It was Very interesting to say the least. Brian is super cool and a huge hit among gamers of the world. Even Board Game companies and designers know who he is. One particular company contacted Brian and asked him if he would work at the convention running games that people would pay money to play. He was delighted to of course! But, caused us to be separated most of the trip. No biggy....I can occupy myself! There was MUCH to look at and I was able to meet up with my good friends Jill and RD a few times during the trip. are some interesting photos I took.....

This picture best describes the whole experience......

The place is full of tables like this were people are demonstrating games. There were also lots of booths where you could buy things like games, dice, name was there!

Board games may not sound like a very popular thing.....but BOY it is! People from ALL over gather for this convention from all different states and even countries sometimes. Here is a camera crew getting a piece of the action.

There is one REALLY funny thing about it'll randomly find people dressed up! There was even a costume contest one day...( I WISH I had my camera THAT day!!) But...I only took it on the last day. Most pictures came out blurry...I had a man on stilts, a very slutty looking rouge, a rather large girl in a bunny outfit.....but here are a couple clear ones....

Yep. Interesting huh? And these were NOT taken on the day of the contest!

This is me and my friend Jill! We were cheerleader buds back in high school, we've kept in touch and her and her husband also play games! So, Thursday night we got to have a game night together with the four of us and on Sunday she and RD came to the convention. We got to hang out and test some games together! (Yes...I'm wearing the same outfit I did on my B-day.....I have less wardrobe options these days)

Fantasy Flight is the game company that asked Brian to work for them...they are a very large company. They actually had the best set up (in my opinion) of any company there.

They had him run quite a few games...I played one...hee hee hee....and WON! It was a racing game; I loved it! He fell in love with a few but bought the one that he thought I'd like too. Turns out we both LOVE the game and it's one of our favorites right now. CHAOS in the Old World. But, these are photos of a game called Arkham Horror that he ran. (again...the only day I brought my camera was I missed all the others he ran)

Isn't he so cute in his glory! I should have had him blog about his experience...I'm sure it would have been more informative!